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Russian Women Beauty Contest in LA


There are huge populations of Russian speaking peoples in major cities all across the US. 

Los Angeles for example probably has close to 1 million people of various ethnic backgrounds from the Former Soviet Union so as you might guess they have a pretty robust Russian community brimming with traditional cultural events.

So it comes as no surprise that LA is one of those lucky cities blessed with the unique attraction of a Russian beauty contest.

The Russian social and news site sponsored just such an event a few months back and with all of the film production talent that exists in the City of the Angeles did one heck of a job putting on a show and recording it for posterity.

Of course we have to mention that the beautiful Russian Ladies participating in this contest had a little something to do with it as well.

I took the liberty of cutting a shorter compilation and re-mixing it with some fresh beats from Daren Hayes and came up with something I hope you’ll all enjoy.

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One Response to Russian Women Beauty Contest in LA

  1. Richard on 12/02/2012 at 3:30 pm

    Great compilation, very fitting music, and of course, wow factor of 10+ at the very least.

    Considering the sheer numbers of FSU immigrants in several other major cities around North America, I can think of no good reason for any of those cities to ignore this concept.

    Rather than having so many negative sides to social diversity shoved down our throats, this is the sort of multiculturalism I can get my head, and heart, around.

    Thank you once again, rw_man.

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